St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Now for fire lighting,building and cooking. Yum! Yum! Yum!

Den building - fun,fun,fun in the rain and mud, showing our amazing teamwork.

Our School Trip to Woodside Farm - an amazing woodland walk - Can you spot the spider?

P.E WOW WEEK - Next up - Salsa Dancing with Mr Hunter and Golden Eagles

P.E WOW WEEK - Relaxing yoga to start our wonderful active sport week.

Steel Pan Workshop with Mr Arter.

Kingfishers enjoyed a wonderful session with Mr Arter learning about and playing the steel pans. They learnt that a steel pan is a musical instrument originating from Trinidad and Tobago, that steel pan musicians are called pannists. They learnt to play a piece of music and were able to showcase this in a special collective worship at the end of the school day.

Steel Pans - Mr Arter music workshop

Exploring materials - Solids, Liquids and Gases.

First Aid Training - learning vital skills to save lives.

Check out our amazing displays, showing our hard work.

Origami Lesson - Making my own 'Whale'


Our fish is getting fuller!

We have been learning about how the plastic in the Ocean is effecting the sea-life.

They are not just being killed by plastic, but fish and other marine life are digesting it - this in turn effects many food chains. 

This was the empty structure  before the weaving of plastic and the filling started. 

Ocean Poems and reading The Little Mermaid.

Ocean Poems - Ocean Helpers, Ocean Supporters, Ocean Fans, and Ocean Lovers.

Plastic Pollution - Sorting plastic and making tables and graphs with the data.

On Friday 7th June, World Ocean Day is coming to thousands of schools in the UK, and we are participating!

The day will be packed full of creative and informative ways to increase our connection to the ocean and the connection the ocean has to us everyday. There are two themes that we will explore “Connection to Water” and “Impact on the Ocean”, and the day will be tailored to the age of your child and the schedule for the day. 


We will be following up at the end of the day with how to continue the learning journey for your child and the connection the ocean, for now all we ask is to send your child to school dressed in blue or even as their favourite sea creature!

Thanks for being a part of World Ocean Day for schools 2019!


“Even if you never have the chance to see or touch the ocean, the ocean touches you with every breath you take, every drop of water you drink, every bite you consume. Everyone, everywhere is inextricably connected to and utterly dependent upon the existence of the sea.”  

Sylvia Earle

In literacy, children have written some super animal poems. Animal Magic inspired and taught all of us lots of new facts about a range on animals. It was a great 'hands on'  experience.


Kingfisher's  have also written a narrative poem about a whale's journey from the North to the South Atlantic. On his travels, he encounters a lot of plastic and destruction caused by it. Consequently, the whale decides to become a plastic hoover machine, and hoover up all the plastic in the Atlantic Ocean to save any more sea-creatures from dying and also help reduce the plastic pollution.  


Ocean Plastic Pollution!

Is plastic fantastic?

Or is plastic is drastically killing our Ocean Blue Planet?


Kingfisher Class  are  PI Investigators: 

We are investigating plastic and looking at solutions to reduce, reuse and encourage recycling on our planet.


There are huge amounts of plastic in the world and it’s thought that around 12 million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans every year.

That’s a full rubbish truck every minute!


45% of households  recycling a week in the UK.


Can we encourage more households to recycle plastic or at least REDUCE their plastic waste weekly?


We hope so, watch this space for our ideas and our work to show the effects of plastic on our precious planet.





Read for Meaning- Read for Fun!

Animal Magic - Sticky Facts!

The Mystery of the Easter Bunny Costume: Problem Solving.

Acting out the Easter Story - Holy Week.

heartLoveReading heart


Please check out this website, it has children's book reviews, and RECOMMENDATIONS if you are looking for new reading material for your child/children - there are children's books from toddlers to teens. 


Read for Meaning; Read for Fun!


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Homework:super mindfulness and well-being posters.Thank you!

Mental Health and Well-Being Week.Yoga, Growth Mindset Challenges, Healthy Diet and Relaxation Techniques.

Thank you Mrs wood - as soft as silk.

Mental Health and Well-Being Week.

Scientists, Engineers, Technicians and Mathematicians - inspiring and believing.


Homework: Design a menu for the 'Great Feast.'

R.E 'THE BIG STORY' - Discussion, Time Line and Teamwork.

Buddy Reading with Robin Class and making our AMAZING book marks

More pictures, lots of exploring and fun!

It was a great school trip!

Rock Fact Sheets. Great homework Kingfishers.

Fossils, identifying and classifying rocks and soil sampling.

Fossil learning and a hunt! Thank you David!

Indian Music Workshop Fun.

Gem Panning - it was fun and fascinating finding and classifying gems.

Gem Panning - so much fun and lots of gems to learn and keep.

A trip to the National Stone Centre to end a great science topic! More pictures to follow :)

METAMORPHIC HOMEWORK: Thank you for all the rock posters, very informative and great to read!

Can you name any types of stone found on our walk? Answers on a postcard and post in KF class.


Fun with fractions! :)

Topic - WATER - can you see the cloud in the jar?

Our class read: Fantastic Mr Fox.

PSHE - A Friendship Circle.

Sorting words and sentences construction fun.

Indoor Athletics was great fun.

Reciprocal Reading Time - summarising, clarifying, predicting and importantly questioning through discussion.

Addition and Subtraction Time!

Rocks and their properties. Hardness, softness, magnetic or not! Let the investigating begin.

TEAMWORK, MEASURES - cm, ml and litres!

When to use an or a - word hunt!

Guided Reading. The Perfect Pet - this had a funny ending :)

Clarifying words we don't understand with a dictionary, independently. YAY!

Using our new books to read and review them.

We have learning lots of facts and information about the Indian culture and faith.

Questions generated by our science groups. Great TEAMWORK!

Exploring Chocolate Rocks! How are they different?

A Christmas Poem by Kingfisher Class.


Christmas is a time for hugs and madness, 

There is no time for sadness, 

We will give lots of thanks for all we receive ,

We will try to sleep silently on Christmas Eve,


We will be helpful, thankful and active, 

We know that no manners or no smiles is so unattractive.

We shall read (Ebook and books) together, play games together, and watch a film together,

Family time is the best time, wouldn't you agree?


Stockings are hung, the mince pies are ready,

Santa we hope your sleigh goes steadily,

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year.

We look forward to 2019, another year to shine.

We hope you get to school on time!










Pepsi and Coffee stained the egg-shell the most.

Teamwork, investigating and recording. Super work!

Teeth Investigations - multiple skills are being used.

Our letters to Santa. We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Flying our kites - FUN! FUN! FUN!

Let's Go Fly A Kite! - More Super AMAZING Kites

Let's Go Fly A Kite! - Our Kites - WOW!!!!! AMAZING!!!

Let's Go Fly A Kite! - Wonderful Kingfisher Teamwork

Let's Go Fly A Kite! - Measuring (mm, cm and m) and Teamwork

Let's Go Fly A Kite! - Planning Stage

Making our Christingles.

Science Investigation: which type of drink will affect teeth the most?

Our Fabulous Year Four - Writing Playscripts.

Human Nutrition - Investigating our Teeth!

Measuring, and working together.

Ordering Money. Recognising Coins.

Digestion System: Part One

Digestion System: Part Two

Digestion System: Part Three

Digestion System: Part 4

Ready and raising money for Children in Need! Yay!

Fractions and Word Problems.

Fractions and Numicon.

Diwali, Rangoli Patterns, Diya Lamps, Rama and Sita stories and acting.

Diwali, Diya Lamps, Rangoli Patterns,Rama and Sita story telling and acting.

Derby and Derbyshire School Library Services .


Dear Headteacher,


Derbyshire and Derby School Library Service are holding several Open days in October and November to give schools across Derby and Derbyshire a chance to benefit from some of the resources before the service is decommissioned at the end of March 2019.


On receiving this sad news, Mrs  Stanley Wainwright and I went to choose some  amazing artefacts that will enhance teaching and learning across the school . This was bitter sweet, we have been using the service for many years and have a lot to be thankful for. 


Exploring the boxes from Derbyshire Library Services was so much fun.

We did some sequencing, problem solving and artwork to finish off the day.

Seven men plotted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. They made a tunnel but didn't get close enough. 


The children used the tables and all crawled underneath to mimic tunneling ,  then the rest of the story unfolded.


Afterwards, the children verbally retold the story and then sequenced it.


Guy Fawkes... remember, remember ...

The children answered many science, literacy and numeracy questions throughout the day:-

  • what do trees give us?
  • how many apples do you think you can see in the tree?
  • what do trees need to help  them produce food?
  • what are the collect nouns used for groups of: cows, sheep, crows, owls and hedgehogs?
  • how many different sounds can you hear?
  • can you tell me a food chain that would exist in the ECO garden?
  • what is 6x100=?
  • what is 600 divided by 100 = ?
  • If there were hundred children in the school how many apples could each child have?
  • how many grams in a kilogram?
  • how much do you think this apple weighs?

Plus more throughout the day because the children asked questions too. smileyno

Letters to Iron Man - great homework, and we loved listening to them.

An Autumn Day. A lovely hour of sketching of what we could see in our beautiful ECO garden.

Time for a quick hot chocolate break!

Building up a sweat.

Counting the apples, teamwork and a physical workout :)

Let's harvest those apples. Let's get picking!

Approximate how many apples you can see in the tree?

Team point winners: Raging Rabbits. Thank you making all of us a yummy rice-crispy cake. Great teamwork and kindness shown.

Writing our magical stories, peer reading and discussion.

The construction of the boats.

More great boats....

Children designed and made, in teams, a boat. They watched to see if their boat would float. Cubes (animals smiley) were gradually added to see how much mass the boat could take before it sank and the forces acting on their boat became unbalanced. 


In R.E we have been looking at Noah's Story.

Locomotion - we have sang, created and the homework is amazing. Thank you!

Creating and Making.

Design, check out the resources and finally... making trains.

Designing and making trains! Choo... Choo!

We are learning to write a letter of complaint. The children have been shown a scenario, thank you to our actors and actresses that helped with this, it was great.


The pasta was under cooked, the beans were cold and black hair was found within the food. Revolting! The fish didn't smell good either.

Appalling food, unhygienic tables and implements... not to mention the terrible service!

Snake Surprise - thank you Mrs Wood.

Our Super Snake Stories!

Snake Information Posters/ Super Snake Stories.

Super Snake Stories!