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Half term ECO home challenge!

Millie's Magnificent Maths Homework. recognising 3-D shapes.

Tuesday, 13th October (YR 3)

L.I - I can describe the properties of 3D shapes, including the property of prisms.

Tuesday, 13th October (YR 4)

L.I - Measure in metres, centimetres and millimetres, understanding and using the relationship between them.

Children estimated and measured the length of the playground in m and cm. We used metre sticks to measure the playground. It was 24m and 40cm. Can you convert this measurement to just metres, centimetres and millimetres?


E.g. 37 m and 30cm = 37.3 m = 373cm= 3730mm


Monday, 12th October


L.I. Measure in centimetres and millimetres, understand the relationship between them, convert lengths between both units and record centimetres using decimal notation.

Children measured around their hands using string. First they  carefully drew around their hand with fingers spread out. They estimated the total length of the line they had drawn.  Once they had written their estimate, they got some damp string and carefully placed it around their hand outline, cutting any excess string off and measured with a ruler using cm's and mm's.

Thursday, 8th October - I can write a poem about a peculiar pet.

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Still image for this video

Monday 5th October - Year 4 Maths - Time Bingo