St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Y3 had an amazing afternoon taking their level 1 in Bikeability.

We are very proud of them all!

Y4 enjoyed Egyptian dancing.

Injoy - An Incredible Day!

We were super excited to start our day, the bus journey was very noisy.


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Even the adults had fun!

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ECO garden - drawing, den building and gardening.

Creative dance

Click the links below to see some of our Ancient Egyptian style dances.

Ancient Egyptian style dance


Dancing Egyptian style

Today we have met some amazing dinosaurs, Spike the Spinosaurus, Benji the Tyrannosaurus, Vinny the Velociraptor, Bronwyn the Brontosaurus and Perry the Parasaurolophus. 

Perry was the class favourite!

We have made our tie dye t- shirts ready for festival day.

We turned ourselves into pharaohs!

Kingfisher Class really enjoyed meeting Splash the pony. 

We are reading the story of Osiris and writing character descriptions about the main characters - Osiris, Seth and Isis.

Summer term 2

We are learning about the Ancient Egyptians this term.

Keep a look out for our findings and activities.

We are asking lots of questions and hopefully finding out the answers to them.


We looked at Egyptian artefacts today and asked different questions about them.

Can you answer these questions about the artefacts in the document below?

MW, dressed up in Egyptian clothes.

Summer Term 1


Show racism the Red card.

See details below to enter.

Rainforest Rangers Day!

We are all so very excited for our special day.


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Rainforest in a shoebox

Using natural materials, collage and paper to create our forests.

Our completed Rainforests in a Shoebox.


We have had lots of fun today. It has been the first afternoon of our STEM WEEK. We have been learning about Engineering (building bridges). 


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STEM day 2 - Technology

Today we have designed and made kites.

STEM Day 3

Mathematics in the ECO garden.

We did lots of measuring of the length, width and perimeter of different areas of the garden. 

The children co-operated well in groups to use a range of measuring equipment.

The children completed their Severn Trent Water Journey today.

ECO garden

We have been planting in the ECO garden. We weeded then planted seeds and seedlings in our raised bed.

Art - using observational skills to draw.

Using a step by step guide we drew a rainforest picture. This required good observational skills.

Literacy/Geography - We are going to be learning about Rainforests and thinking about the question 'Do we really need the Rainforests?'


This is our new exciting book we are going to enjoy reading together:

Maths - Both year groups will be learning about place value for the next couple of weeks.

Cloud measuring.

As part of our Water topic, we have been looking at the water cycle and how clouds are formed.

We took our cloud measurers outside and counted and drew clouds.

                   RED  NOSE   DAY!

Today we celebrated Red Nose Day, we wore red clothes or non uniform. The children donated lots of money!

Monet's Haystacks - Changing light

We looked at how the time of day and the position of the sun can create shadows in different places.

Using a range of colours, everyone had the same outline yet created a unique piece of artwork.

Year 3 Maths

Today we started our fractions topic, we made a tower of 8 cubes and we split them into equal and unequal towers. We also had 6 squares of paper that we needed to cut into 2 equal parts and 4 equal parts. We also used Numicon to show how to make 6 using equal and unequal parts. 


Week beginning 8th February


Week beginning 1st February


Week beginning 25th January


Week beginning 18th January

If you are struggling to access Active Learn ebooks , the following link gives you access to reading books at all levels.

It's   Party    Day!
We have made our own tree decoration.
Let's Take A Selfie!

Kevin Carrot

Kevin Carrot  was the inspiration for our Christmas Big Write. The children enjoyed finding out about Kevin's adventures at Christmas time and writing a report about them. 

They then made their own Kevin Carrot out of felt, sewing them with care.




We enjoyed making Christingles and thinking about their meaning in the Christingle service.

Massive well done to Betsy, who won the Christmas card competition. We are so proud of you :) 
Christmas has arrived in Kingfisher Class!
Some amazing shelters have been made.

Real PE

Working together to create jump routines. Developing our motor and social skills.

Social skills and jumping in Real PE.

Science - Investigating stems.

Will the coloured water travel up the celery stem?

Fantastic independent writing using 'an' and 'a'.

Children In Need 2020

We've had a great day in Kingfisher class, doing lots of Children in Need themed activities.  In literacy, we learned about the history of Children In Need.  In maths, we cracked a Children In Need themed code breaker.  We also all got very sweaty whilst taking part in the Joe Wicks PE challenge.  In the afternoon, we enjoyed some mindfulness activities and eating our delicious cakes from the cake stall. Take a look at the slideshow below.



I can solve 1 and 2 step word problems.

Problem solving in maths.

Remembrance Day - We Will Remember Them.

Kindly written by Esther

Holiday Eco Challenge!

Kingfisher children chose a time each day where no power was used inside the home. Instead they got creative and made some of the following activities. 

4th November

L.I Revise concept of unit fractions


Today we had great fun building fraction walls. 

Half term ECO home challenge!

Millie's Magnificent Maths Homework. recognising 3-D shapes.

Tuesday, 13th October (YR 3)

L.I - I can describe the properties of 3D shapes, including the property of prisms.

Tuesday, 13th October (YR 4)

L.I - Measure in metres, centimetres and millimetres, understanding and using the relationship between them.

Children estimated and measured the length of the playground in m and cm. We used metre sticks to measure the playground. It was 24m and 40cm. Can you convert this measurement to just metres, centimetres and millimetres?


E.g. 37 m and 30cm = 37.3 m = 373cm= 3730mm


Monday, 12th October


L.I. Measure in centimetres and millimetres, understand the relationship between them, convert lengths between both units and record centimetres using decimal notation.

Children measured around their hands using string. First they  carefully drew around their hand with fingers spread out. They estimated the total length of the line they had drawn.  Once they had written their estimate, they got some damp string and carefully placed it around their hand outline, cutting any excess string off and measured with a ruler using cm's and mm's.

Thursday, 8th October - I can write a poem about a peculiar pet.

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Monday 5th October - Year 4 Maths - Time Bingo