St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


smileyWorld Book WOW Week  smiley


2nd March - 6th March


We have a full week of engaging, stimulating and fun activities  planned. 


Read for meaning; read for fun is our motto!


We have many reading sessions when key skills such as:  questioning, clarifying, predicating and summarising are taught, encouraged and promoted to  help create confident and happy readers.


Let's talk, allowing groups and couples (reading buddies) time to discuss what they have read is KEY. It  allows children the opportunity to form opinions and enhance understanding. Be WORD AWARE!


Monday 2nd Marchsmiley

BUG CLUB DAY - please can children come dressed as their favourite BUG, this can be as simple as a child coming dressed in their favourite, brightest clothes and making a bug mask ( over the half term) to wear on the day. This will help bring our BUG CLUB reading to life. We have exciting plans for the morning – promoting reading, and learning new vocabulary with our WORD PARADE!


Thursday, 5th March - WORLD BOOK DAYheart

Please can children come dressed as their favourite book character, and bring in their favourite book to read with other children. 

There will also be a table outside for children to bring in their personal books - that they are happy to swap for a new one . We will discuss before, the importance of  children bringing in books that they are only  happy to give away, or replace for another one. Sharing is caring!


Friday 6th Marchenlightened

Chris White, a famous author, will be visiting our school to give all the children a master class in writing for fun and meaning. 

He will be reading out his work, and promoting the love for reading, writing and being creative!




The Makory Museum Bus Experience:


With the help of Gill Lynam, Liz Jackson and the Parish Council - we have secured a great, exciting experience for our Stanley children.  At the village hall, for a two hour session, each class will be led by Derby Museum Learning Facilitators, and get to  use the Makory Bus to focus on one-two of the following themes:






On Tuesday, 3rd March Kingfisher Class and Robin Class will have their session.

Wednesday, 11th March Puffin Class and Golden Eagles will have their session.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle 

Let's exchange our books - let's be book smart!

Spring 1

Our topic this term is Ancient Egypt.

We will be delving into the tombs of pharaohs and discovering the riches of ancient kings and queens.

Join us on our journey through The Valley of the Kings.

Sports Hall Athletics. We had an amazing morning of sports! We came 4th out of 11 schools!

Chinese New Year. We had a go at lion dancing to celebrate the year of the rat.

Creativity at home

Our topic this term is Rivers.

We have created a giant river to go in our classroom.

BIG ART - CREATING A RIVER Working together to create a communal piece of artwork.

We have created wildlife to go in our river.

Meet Manderville, our new class mascot who keeps an eye on our super students.

Meet Manderville, our new class mascot who keeps an eye on our super students. 1

Our Topic this term is the Romans

We have found out lots of 'sticky facts' about them: 

  • the Romans liked to eat laying down
  • pottage was a stew -like food poor Romans ate
  • Roman citizens were called plebeians
  • gladiators fought to their deaths
  • a Roman soldier was called a legionary


For more 'sticky facts' about the Romans, come and read our fact file in the classroom.

Mini-leaders recieved training at Rutland Sports Centre.

Our super star gymnast!

Our super star gymnast! 1

Our superstar footballer!

Our superstar footballer! 1

Another superstar footballer!

Another superstar footballer! 1