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Home Learning Photos

The last of CS's Home Learning. Super work!

We are proud of how hard you have worked CS. Well done.

Excellent work RC. We are proud of all the hard work you have done during lockdown.

TS has worked really hard during lockdown. Well done! We are proud of you.

Hard work from OT.

An amazing allosaurus and high climbing from CS.

What a great idea! RC used a set of colourful pens to create her shapes.

Brilliant dinosaur work from TS.

DB has been super busy.

CS knows the names of lots of dinosaurs.

Read RC's super acrostic dinosaur poem.

Hard work from ZT.

TS love the dinosaur topic. Super work!

TS is measuring with pencils.

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Still image for this video

Salt dough fossils and chocolate coins from ZT.

OT's marvellous maths.

Excellent work from RC today.

TS is working hard.

OT has worked hard on Home Learning and has joined in with Artsmark Ambassador, Aimee's colour by numbers project. Click on AboutUs/Artsmark/Be A Busy Bee/Aimee-Paint ByNumbers for more information.

CS enjoyed finding and building things that were taller, shorter and the same height as him.

Super work RC.

Amazing dinosaur and fossil models from EJ.

Super dinosaur sentences from TS.

OT is estimating quantity and creating tally charts.

Comparing lengths of objects with CS.

RC has answered all the questions on Molly's Big Surprize. Well done.

TS has been busy this morning.

OT and RT made their own salt dough fossils. Their Mummy buried them and they became archaeologists and dug in the garden to find them again.

CS loves researching facts about dinosaurs.

Excellent maths and dinosaur facts from RC.

Super book work and dinosaur research from TS.

CS loves the Dinosaur Topic and has painted an amazing dinosaur footprint picture.

Puffin scientist ZT stood on toilet rolls set in a honeycomb pattern to represent the strength of his bones and found they did not crush as under his weight as he expected. He also went stargazing and counted 15 stars.

OT's T-Rex looks very fierce!

Dinosaur facts, SPaG and maths from RC.

Count in multiples of 5 with TS. Can you keep up?

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Topic, SPaG and maths from TS.

EW's dinosaur has got very sharp teeth.

EW wants to Help Save the Oceans from Litter.

Marvellous maths from RC.

Working on Multiples of 2 and SPaG from TS.

DB has had a go at the Macarena Challenge. Go to AboutUs/Artsmark/Music &Dance for more information.

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A huge Superhero birthday cake. Happy Birthday CS.

CS has been super busy. Great work!

Games in the park, feeding the birds and a super sweet treat for DB.

OT has entered a writing competition : She has written about a sloth.

CS has been practising his ICT skills. He has been typing with two hands, using the shift, caps lock and space key, typing symbols, using the back space, delete and arrow keys, highlighting text (tricky), using bold, italics and underline and changing the font size, colour and style.

Dare Devil TS on his scooter. Good to see you are wearing your helmet TS!

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OT and AT have taken part in the Eco Committee's challenge. They have made a Save the Ocean poster, planted trees and their daffodil bulbs.

Great literacy and maths work from RC.

Counting in multiples of 2 with TS.

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A lovely letter to her pen pal from EW.

Great work from TS.

Lots of work and fun in the snow with CW.

DB is helping out at home, loading the washer and learning the importance of staying clean and healthy.

Bird feeders, African jewellery and illusion art with OT and AT.

A marvellous African inspired neck collar from EJ.

Marvellous maths and SPaG from RC

Great topic work from TS.

Join DB on a Bear Hunt. Are you scared?

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Chilly, muddy walks and beautiful pictures if Lakshmi from EJ.

A pretty pink hand wash bottle from RC

Super work on staying clean and healthy from TS.

A tasty homemade pizza made by DB.

A colourful African inspired neck collar and independent maths work from CS.

ES enjoyed the Active Maths Home Challenge

RC working from home

TS has been tackling phonics and those tricky -es plurals.

Magnificent Maasai inspired jewellery from EJ.

Read OT's Pip pop party fun story. She has used her new ICT skills to type her story.

DB and OB enjoying storytime with Ms. Middleton and Miss Price.

Read RC's descriptive re-writing of the Bear Hunt story.

Perfect plurals from TS.

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WOW! Lots of work from TS.

CS has been busy making bird feeders, using peanut butter and mixed seeds. The birds love it and he enjoys watching them landing in the apple tree through his binoculars.

Is it art or is it science? Illusion art from OT and AT. Go to About Us/Artsmark/Have fun with Stanley Squirrel for instructions and more fun ideas.

A fizzing volcano. Go to Children/ STEM/HomeLearningPhotos to find out how OT created it.

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A colourful Delauney picture in progress with OT.

DB has enjoyed Home Learning; marvellous maths, perfect plurals and delightful Delauney painting!

Marvellous maths and super spelling work from RC.

A super use of warm and cool colours in TS's Delauney picture.

CS's ice cake looks tasty! Go to About Us/Artsmark/ Be a Busy Bee for more ideas and instructions.

Excellent Home Learning from CS.

CS used his coloured blocks to help him learn about tens and ones. He measured his room too; it is 113 block wide!

A soothing foot spa after a long walk for DB and OB.

RC has been busy, busy, busy!

Super work and colourful fruit from TS.

CS continues to work hard with his Home Learning.

EW and GW working together and enjoying some colouring in.

Lots of hard work in her CGP books is rewarded with a trip to the park for DB.

Go! Go! Go! TS.

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RC has worked hard today.

TS has sent in super work on maths and literacy.

Gingerbread dinosaurs and a disco den. That sounds like a great day, CS.

OT and AT joined in with the Rock Steady Feel Good Friday live music activity stream and heard the Shout Out for our School!

A lovely picture from DB.

A beautiful party invitation RC.

Practise the days of the week with TS.

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Maths and literacy work from TS.

A visit to her grandparents farm, Jackson Pollock style painting and map making from EJ.

EW is using the Phonics Play website and has completed her literacy and maths work.

Watching Operation Ouch! on the t.v. has taught ZT lots about the human body. He's even made Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand outfits for his superhero dolls!

Dr. ZT is finding out about how his lungs and diaphragm work with this clever experiment.

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A magnificent map and marvellous maths from CS.

Go to - Home/About Us/Artsmark/Have Fun With Stanley Squirrel - to find out how to grow your own rainbow like OT.

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OT has grown her very own rainbow!