St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Home Learning Photos

TS continues to work hard.

OT has been teaching her younger brother about the months and the seasons.

Not only is CS working on his Home Learning, he is completing pages from his own KS1 workbook. Super work!

Excellent CGP and numeracy work from RC.

DB has earned those Sour Cherry Haribos by doing lots of work!

LM is having fun in the snow.

TS is enjoying the snow day.

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Super number and science work from TS.

Snow fun with TS.

Super sledging fun.

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Sledging with DB.

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Fun in the snow with DB.

An amazing Kenya Guidebook from EJ.

EJ is having fun in the snow and working on the human body.

Lots of CGP work, super snowy fun and the biggest hot chocolate I've ever seen! Thanks RC.

A carefully captioned, life-size image of the body from EW.

OT really enjoyed the Rock Steady Music session on Friday.

Brilliant sentence work using 'and' from CS.

Magnificent multiplication skills from RC.

This morning's work from TS.

A beautiful photo from R & EPW

DB went on a lovely sunny walk.

CS is enjoying riding his bike today.

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Super sentence work from CS.

A Minecraft stop-start video from OT.

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OT has made a Harry Potter stop-start video

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A lovely story and outdoor maths from OT.

Colourful Klee and Rothko style paintings from EJ.

Wonderful sentence and maths work from RC.

TS has been working hard this morning.

Dr. CS has taken an X-ray of himself and learnt all about the bones in his body.

Your cakes look delicious DB. Mmmmm!

Super sentence work from EW and a great guide to Kenya.

Super sentence work and marvellous maths from RC.

EW loved the Klee artwork. She chose green and said that the light green was minty and is her absolute favourite colour!

CW has made yummy chocolate lollies to share with her sister.

TS has been busy with his Home Learning. Well done.

A super Pet Fact File from OT.

WOW! What a lot of dinosaurs.

Painting, baking, science experiments, CGP book work and writing a Guide to Kenya. ZT has been super busy.

SPAG and maths from EW.

DB working on connectives.

Sentence work from EW.

Super Home Learning from EPW.

Marvellous maths from RPW

RC has really got to grips with punctuation. Well done.

A pet fact file and maths work from TS.

TS loves making sentences too.

Super sentence work from CS.

EW has worked on SPAG, maths English and made a party bag.

DB has been using the CGP books.

Sentence work and maths from RC.

Marvellous Maths from TS.

CS is being crafty with Aqua Beads.

DB has written a letter to Ms. Middleton.

RC has been studying the Five Senses.

Rothko art and a safe place.

EJ has been working hard and taking her dog on lovely frosty walks.

CGP book works from TS.

Artwork from OT.

DB enjoying the snow.

We Never Cave In. Another great motto, from EW.

Rothko Painting and reading from ES.

Literacy and maths from RC.

DB's superhero runs super fast.

Nonsense sentences make TS laugh.

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TS is using his fingers to help with maths.

CS loves working in his Phonic CGP book.

Practising times tables with Supermovers and DB.

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Puddle jumping and made home made milkshakes with DB.

ZT is showing Daddy how to do his Home Learning.

Explore like no one has before! A great motto from OT.

More CGP and Rothko work , this time from RC.

CGP and Rothko work from TS.

Science work from OT.

CS working from his CGP book.

DB is reading with her big sister.

RC is enjoying Maths and Geography. She draws lines to help keep her writing neat and straight. A great tip.

RPW has been busy with his Home Learning too.

ES enjoying maths and science.

EPW has been busy. Great work.

Maths & literacy work from EW. Read her book review; go to Home/About us/Artsmark/Our book reviews if you would like to write a review too..

AR has worked hard this morning and is now going to the park for some fresh air.

Excellent work from TS.

Another super scientist.

CS is a scientist today.

RC has been super busy. Great work.

LM has been working on SPAG and science and has drawn a picture of Ms. Middleton

TS having fun with maths, science and SPAG.

OT recycled her Mondrian blocks into a Hogwarts castle, made Hogwarts themed Shrinkies and "Oh my!!" Look what happened to her Great Fire of London model! (Under parental supervision, obviously!)

Super snowflakes from ZT.

A tricky princess themed wordsearch from RC.

DB really enjoyed watching Bob Hartman reading his story.

Fabulous maths works from TS

A busy morning for CS. I like the way you used a ruler to draw out your Wordsearch grid.

ES has worked on the punctuation activities.

DB is using BBC Supermovers to help keep active and learn about exclamation marks.

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More Mondrian artwork, this time from DB

Lovely artwork in the style of Mondrian EW.

RC has nearly completed her Disney Princess jigsaw. Good work.

TS has completed the SPAG activity.

CS is using his family's gloves to help work out his maths.