St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Remote learning planning and resources:

Spring 2 week 2 planning:

Spring 2 week 2 afternoon resources:

Tour of Church:

Rev Gill has created a tour of our local Church for you to watch. 

Spring 2 week 1 planning:

Half term challenges and activities:

Eco challenges:

Pebble challenge:

Over half term we would like each child to decorate a pebble with a picture of what makes you happy so that when school fully re-opens the painted pebbles can be brought in and we can display these in school as a reflection point

Make a Quarantine Time Capsule:

In years to come you might want a unique way to remember the details of living through a Pandemic. As a family you could locate items around the house that are unique to lockdown and put them into a time capsule (shoe boxes are perfect for this!). You could also include newspapers, a diary entry or maybe some pictures of what you have done as a family through lockdown such as discovering a new walk in your area. 

You can either decide to bury it in the garden or put it away somewhere safe and then you can decide in future when to open it together and reminisce.

Set a Family Challenge:

Challenge yourself as a family to do something new together over the half term for eg, 10,000 steps a day, learn a new board game, read a set of books etc. Give yourself a reward if you achieve the challenge!

Have a 'Staycation' in your living room:

Make a den or tent in your living and 'camp out' over night. You could make some popcorn and sit and read stories together or watch your favourite film from the comfort of your tent! 

Movie and PJ Night with homemade frozen Banana treats:

Have a movie and PJ night but instead of a shop bought treat, why not make your own frozen banana treats. You will need ripe bananas, a large bar of milk chocolate and some sprinkles and wooden lollipop sticks.

1. Take the bananas out of the skins and then melt the chocolate ready to dip the whole banana into. When the bananas are fully covered in chocolate, roll them in the sprinkles until they are fully covered. Then put the lollipop sticks into the bottom of the bananas and leave them to cool down on a plate. Once cool pop them into a freezable container and leave in the freezer overnight.

Spring 1 week 6 planning:

Spring 1 week 5 planning:

Spring 1 Week 4 planning:

Spring 1 week 4 afternoon resources:

Spring 1 week 3 planning:

Spring 1 Week 3 afternoon planning resources:

Spring 1 week 2 planning:

A bear cub found in the garden:


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