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UK GDPR/Data Protection

Data Protection and the UK GDPR – January 2021


As the UK transitional arrangements expired on 31 December 2020, there are some practical changes for Data Protection and the GDPR.


To comply with the Data Protection, Privacy and Electronic Communications (Amendments etc) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 please note that every policy, notice and procedural guide that refers to ‘GDPR’ shall now be read as ‘UK GDPR’.


The rights, responsibilities and data protection that the Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR are not changed. Our procedures and arrangements will not change.


If you have any queries please contact  Julie Fowler in the school office.

Key Worker Information


In order to comply with the Government’s guidance with regard to shutting schools and providing places for key worker children, it is necessary for us to collect and manage data about these children and their parents/carers in a different way.


Our standard UK GDPR policy applies, and information found on our privacy notices relating to staff, parents and of course pupils will apply in all cases. We will use the information that relates to key workers in order to ensure that those children who are entitled to a place at school whilst schools are officially closed are correctly processed, managed and safeguarded.


The Data Controller continues to take its obligations to data processing seriously and will ensure that appropriate safeguards and measures are in place.

Covid 19 - Track and Trace Privacy Notice

As in school, it is vital that we all work together to protect pupils, staff, parents and everyone who comes into our premises.


The Government has said we must follow NHS Test and Trace guidance.  We will do so, but we are also mindful of protecting data about all individuals.


If anyone in our school tests positive for Coronavirus, we have safety measures in place, and in some cases, it may be necessary for groups of people to be sent home, and requests that they go for testing.

If there are multiple cases, this will be reported as an incident and Public Health England and the Local Authority, and other agencies, will support the school community.


It may be necessary for us to share very basic contact information, names and contact details, for effective test and trace procedures to be put in place.  This information will be kept to a minimum, and only released to manage the test and trace process.  The guidance is clear that we must be vigilant to protect personal data.


We will also keep a record of who we shared information with, and why we felt it appropriate or necessary to do so.


Of course, we hope this will not be necessary.  However, we have a public duty to protect pupils, staff and our whole school community.


Their privacy notice about test and trace is available above.

Records Retention Document

Data Breach & Non Compliance Procedure

Pupil Privacy Notice

Workforce Privacy Notice

Governors Privacy Notice

General Privacy Notice