St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15



We have created a story together and then we have discussed beginning, middle and end of stories and that there is usually a problem for the characters to over come. The children have then selected a character, a setting and a problem to write their own story independently. 

Using our imagination:

We had an incredible morning designing our own characters and writing character descriptions. 

Silly soup rhyming:

We made a silly soup to help with our understanding of rhyming words. 

Phonic games:

Children really enjoyed working together to play the phonic games as well as playing being the teacher. 


We have used our I-pad skills to help us with our research to create a fact file about a type of wild animal. 

Story sequencing:

Great team work and discussion to sequence the Gingerbread man story. 

We had a lovely afternoon buddy reading; sharing our favourite books. We also created our very own bookmark. 

Speaking and listening as well as verbally rehearsing sentences:

We have worked in pairs to share an image verbally. One person had the image and they had to describe the image to their partner who then had to use what their partner had said to draw it. 

Building sentences:

The class had a great time searching for words arounf the classroom and putting them together to make a full sentence. The children then read their sentence to check it made sense. 

Phonic looking at the aw sound:

We have been focusing on the aw sound as well as reading words we know and sounding out and blending words we are unsure of. 

Phase 5 phonic games:

We have had great fun playing phase 5 sound games, exploring what we already know and learning new sounds. 

Guided reading activities:

Our guided reading activities this morning were: individual reading, library time, listening to a story and reading an e-book and completing an activity around that book. 

Instruction writing:

We made a jam sandwich together and then try some. We focused on what makes a good instruction and why it is important to follow the instructions. 

Half term recount:

Children shared what they had done over half term and spent time asking questions. 

Guided reading:

We have enjoyed reading Animal railway and Sofa dog together with our class reads. 


Yr1s have used the magnetic letters in our phonic session to help with phase 3 and 4 sounds. 


We have spent some time using mirrors to look at our reflection to describe ourselves. We have looked at adjectives. 

Our English working wall:

Year 1s have been looking at sentence structure and adjectives. 

Acting out a story:

As a class the children really enjoyed Jake's first day at school. The Yr1 children have acted out the events in the story using our outdoor provision. We also discussed that even though in the story crocodiles were in the sea that in fact crocodiles live in fresh water not salt water so the children decided to change the crocodile scene to sharks in the sea. 

Phase 3 phonic recap:

Yr1s had lots of fun recapping phase 3 sounds. We chalked them, jumped on them and shouted them as loud as we could. 


We then wrote words and read them by using sound buttons to help us sound them out and blend them together.