St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Congratulations Jack on your football achievements.

PHSE - Art 

Who I am

The festival has arrived. The children

are all excited. 

We've started with funny photos and funny dances

Eco Garden Fun

Den making and bug spotting 

Time for Candy Floss and

having fun with friends.

Show racism the red card.

Golden Eagles have written letters to Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho  to show our support .

Congratulations to our Stars and Merits. 

Congratulations Evie

For achieving a Merit

in you Keyboard Exam.  


Extra work completed at home.

Super Effort.

A balanced argument on 'Should children bring a pencil case to school?'

Congratulations to our Stars, Merits

and V.I.P. Keep up the good work.

Transition Afternoon

Year 5's - completing a number of activities

ready for September 

Year 6 - Question and Answer session

about Secondary School

Congratulations to our Stars, Merits and V.I.P's. Keep up the hard work.

WOW - super achievements in football. 

Keep up the hard work

P.E Wow Week

 Sport Crew

Thank you to the Yr 5/6 Sport crew for organising a range of sporting activities for the whole school.

This Girl Can Football Session

Everyone had a great time.

I-moves - Dance

Injoy School Trip


Relax and unwind


Carousel of sporting activities organised

and taught by the Sport Crew.

KS2 Sports Day

All the children had lots of fun.

Well Done to all the children. They tried really hard.


The 'WINNERS' for KS2 are .............



A time to reflect and enjoy the wonderful countryside 

Bikeability Year 5's


Well Done to all the Year 5's

Congratulations to our

Stars, Merits and V.I.P's

The Arts ambassadors Millie, Imogen, Aimee and Molly did a wonderful job of launching our wow week. They did a brilliant job of explaining their activities to the whole school.

Imogen's Picture Factory Lesson.

Imogen explained to the children the task / activity she had planned. She took the lesson and gave the children step by step instructions to follow.

WOW - look at the children's work.

They were so shocked by how different their pictures were.

Imogen's Dance

Imogen planned a dance for the whole school

and Golden Eagles were the first to give it a go.

They had so much fun. 

The videos are in the video resource section on the website.

Tie Dye

Ready, let's start .........

Tie Dye

Design Stage

Tie Dye


Dinosaur Experience

Dinosaur Facts

Lily decided to do some extra work at home

and made a dinosaur fact file. 

Well done Lily.


Molly's Drawing and Sketching

Molly taught her lesson to Golden Eagles in the Eco garden. 


Canaan decided to do some extra art work at home.

Well done Canaan. 

Millie's Collage 

Millie organised  and planned a

collage lesson with the finished piece being a forest.

Millie giving instructions to the children of the activity she has planned.

Still image for this video

Collecting materials for their collage and

Millie is helping if anyone has any questions.

WOW - look at our finished work

Blind Art 

The children drew a picture with their eyes closed.


Abstract Art

The children copied their partner's drawing,

which they couldn't see. 

By their partner giving them step by step instructions.

Look how similar their work is.

Aimee's Marble Art

Aimee explaining her Marble Art Lesson.

Still image for this video

After Aimee had explained the lesson she walked around the

classroom supporting the children with the activity.