St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Arwen's scratch project - a spelling game

heartEnd of Year Bookheart


Please can you make sure that all information and memories are in by the 24th May, plus written consent for pictures of your child to be published in the book.yes


Name -

Nick name  –

Favourite sport –

Favourite song –

If you could visit any city which would it be?

I’d like to visit Tokyo

What is your special superpower (talent) that you are proud of:

Occupation – what job would you aspire to have?

Your favourite school moment/memory

Your proudest/happiest moment in school..

Your favourite subject and why?
Your favourite wow week and why?

 What song reminds you of your time at Stanley and why?

Write a funny memory you have about a  teacher in school.

What will you miss most and why?


Many thanks

Mrs K, Mrs D and Gill

Lovely garden Raivo - keep up the good work

A Lees Brook activity/task completed by Isabel

Learning a new skill. Well done Jake.

Adam and his tie-dying

Science and DT - 'Sam's Hamster / Guinea Pig Home'

Active Lily

Super charity work and planting going on Sophie-May.

Someone is exhausted, after their '60 second challenge' Ha Ha

Working hard, with some fun in the sunshine

Outdoor Fun!

ICT Scratch Challenge

Another active GE

Outstanding D & T work!

Our Wonderful Year 6 - The 2020 Golden Eagles Crew

Missing you all - Keep up the good work and remember 'Do you best forget the rest'


A huge 'Thank you' to everyone involved in organising and delivering  the hoodies to all our wonderful Year 6. 

Another Buzy Bee........

Baking Bread - Yum! Yum!

Cooking yummy scones!

Drawing with 'Rob'

Busy Bee.......

Times Tables and Art - these are a few of my favourite things.....

PHSE Work - Love and Relationships

Sports Day - Javelin Event!

Art Attack - Tie Die Making

Wow! Super Skills! Super Learning!

'Happy Easter' from Ollygator

GE Crew - Easter Bonnets - What recycling materials have they used?

GE Crew - Easter Poem's

Arwen's Easter Poem

Happy Easter!

Science Experiment - Can you see channels through the ice?

Adam's sketch of a tree.

Using and applying maths skills.

Creative Eagles!

WOW! amazing but scary!

Still image for this video

Musical Talent!

Super Maths!

A diary extract about someone's special day. Happy Birthday!

Keeping active is what we like to see.

Board Games are so much fun!

Outdoor Learning - making a bug hotel using materials in the garden.

Check out some more super learning.

Super stuff happening at home!

Having fun in the garden - lots of fresh air and hot chocoloate!

Easter Wow Week Powerpoint


Golden Eagle Easter Wow Week!


Super Skills!

Beautiful sunshine and yummy food.

WOW! Look at all these amazing things happening at home.

Online drawing course by

Being creative. WOW!

Outdoor Learning is so lovely to see.

Being active is SO important. Keep it up!

Fraction work while making dinner. What a great idea.

We have such amazing bakers. Who is the next British Baker!


GE 2020 Crew 

Welcome to Golden Eagles - Meet the Team!

WOW! Which team is going to earn the most team points this term?

Our Roles and Responsibilities

Our Golden Eagles, School Council Nominees

The Winners are..........................


Homework is given out on a Friday and needs returning/completing on the following Thursday e.g. Friday 13th - Thursday 19th , Friday 20th - Thursday 26th. 



Class Read - Viking Boy

Acting out the 'Viking Boy'

Literacy Lesson - Dictionary Skills

Numeracy Lesson - Place Vaule - 2 and 3 decimal places

PHSE - activities based on 'Being Me'

Science -Exploring Materials

Designing Viking swords and writing personification poems.

Exploring Materials. Which material is an insulator of heat or a conductor of heat?

Our Amazing Viking Art Work - based on a character from our class read 'Viking Boy'

Planning for our Harvest Service - involving singing, raps, prayers and art work.

Science - A Circuit Investigation

                               'Stanley the Boneful'

The children are studying Vikings and poor Stanley the Boneful needs clothes, armour and weapons.

They  have been given a challenge as homework to make something that will protect him from the Wolf Men (characters form the 'Viking Boy'), and garments to keep him warm.

The children have worked extremely hard and have produced some wonderful work. 


'Stanley the Boneful' - Homework. You will be amazed!

Planning our newspaper article.

Golden Eagles and Robins working together in a numeracy lesson. Working on our place vaule.

Our Y6 Boy's Football Team - Awarded the trophy for 'Respect'. Well done boys!

Science Experiment - Which material will be the most effective for a dog harness?

Our Year 6 Directors from ICT ,Creative Curriculum and Eco organised a fun filled day based around our class read 'Viking Boy'. The children took part in acting out a Viking battle , finding clues in a scavenger hut , designing a Viking brooch, making a long boat and making soup fish plus lots more!


Shield Brothers and Shield Madiens - Who will win the battle?


Our Great Warriors!

Next, the Scavenger Hunt!

Our Viking Fish Soup - prepared and cooked by our winning table the '6 Yeeters'

Yellow Day! Supporting Cancer Research

Our amazing writing and art work based on 'Trash'

Reseraching for our topic 'Trash'

The R.E / Collective Worship Ambassadors - Lily and Georgi - organised a prayer competition  for the whole school. Four winners from each year group were selected and were given the opportunity to read their prayer in church. They had a wonderful afternoon,  with a special treat of juice and biscuits, organised by our ambassadors. 

Prayer Competition organised by our R.E/Collective Worship Ambassadors.


Thank you for completing your homework, it is lovely to see such dedication shown . Mrs Knifton and I have enjoyed reading through all your homework and have enjoyed displaying it around the classroom. 

Our Outstanding Homework Displays

Well Done Lily - our very own Golden Eagle Mermaid!

R.E - Our interpretation of Salvation and the Kingdom of God

Science - Life cycles - Thank you to Rebecca for her amazing creatures!

R.E - Discussions about the decoration around Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Reciprocal Reading - peer assessment.

Our Carol Concert in Church - We were amazing!

Making our Christingles, for our Christingle Service in Church.

We had a special visit from a very special person!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year love from Year 6.

Our BIG Question

Should zoos exist?




Word Aware

Forming opinions 


Writing a balanced argument

Creative writing


Dictionary Skills - Key Words.

Zoo reserach!

For and Against - Debate

Writing a book review - on the book 'The Ugly Five'.

Reciprocal Reading.

E safety rules.

Well Done Robyn for achieving 'Top Girl' in your swimming club.

Science - our topic this term is - Earth and Space

Real PE - focusing on 'Personal Skills'

A 'Mindfulness Art lesson' - based on our Zoo topic

RE - Why is pilgrimage important to some religious believers?

Sharing our reading skills with Robin Class.

Chinese Day - an amazing experience for Golden Eagles!

Nottingham Junior Parliament Debate Day involving our Head Girl, Head Boy, Deputy Boy and Deputy Girl.

Small Schools Athletic Festival - Team A 'Won Silver' - Team B 'Won the Respect Award' an amazing afternoon.

Understanding how we get night and day!

Mrs Davies is off to our link school in Dum-Dum to help young children and teachers learn new skills. Thank you for all your support, and we wish Mrs Davies a safe journey.

New Laptops - Year 5/6 Coding Club!

Art Work - Plants and Flowers

Real PE - looking at personal acheivements - personal bests

ICT - Text Stories - planning and coding the animation. Purple Mash!


Today has been a day revolved around trash, which is the name of a book we’ve been reading. This day has been organised by Rebecca and Keira, who are the directors of Reading and Nurture. This morning, everyone in Golden Eagles arrived in Trash related clothes, and throughout the day, we have been doing Trash related activities.


Fun! Fun! Fun!

Reading Yoga - relaxing and stretching ready for our day ahead.

Next - walk a mile for a smile

Code Breaking - Who will be first to crack the code?

Next challenge - Who can make a 'Trash Mountain'?

Thank You to our Reading and Nurture Directors who organised our amazing 'TRASH DAY!'

Spring Term Two

The Strangest Shop In The World

Descriptive Writing

Exploring Structures

and lots more! 


Types of state - science experiment - Which sugar will dissolve the quickest?

Thank you for your wonderful '500 word stories' which you all completed for homework. We can't wait to read them!

Boccia and Curling - Great Fun!!!

smileyWorld Book WOW Week  smiley


2nd March - 6th March


We have a full week of engaging, stimulating and fun activities  planned. 


Read for meaning; read for fun is our motto!


We have many reading sessions when key skills such as:  questioning, clarifying, predicating and summarising are taught, encouraged and promoted to  help create confident and happy readers.


Let's talk, allowing groups and couples (reading buddies) time to discuss what they have read is KEY. It  allows children the opportunity to form opinions and enhance understanding. Be WORD AWARE!


Monday 2nd March

BUG CLUB DAY - please can children come dressed as their favourite BUG, this can be as simple as a child coming dressed in their favourite, brightest clothes and making a bug mask ( over the half term) to wear on the day. This will help bring our BUG CLUB reading to life. We have exciting plans for the morning – promoting reading, and learning new vocabulary with our WORD PARADE!


Thursday, 5th March - WORLD BOOK DAY

Please can children come dressed as their favourite book character, and bring in their favourite book to read with other children. 

There will also be a table outside for children to bring in their personal books - that they are happy to swap for a new one . We will discuss before, the importance of  children bringing in books that they are only  happy to give away, or replace for another one. Sharing is caring!


Friday 6th March

Chris White, a famous author, will be visiting our school to give all the children a master class in writing for fun and meaning. 

He will be reading out his work, and promoting the love for reading, writing and being creative!




The Makory Museum Bus Experience:


With the help of Gill Lynam, Liz Jackson and the Parish Council - we have secured a great, exciting experience for our Stanley children.  At the village hall, for a two hour session, each class will be led by Derby Museum Learning Facilitators, and get to  use the Makory Bus to focus on one-two of the following themes:






On Tuesday, 3rd March Kingfisher Class and Robin Class will have their session.

Wednesday, 11th March Puffin Class and Golden Eagles will have their session.



Reduce, Reuse and Recycle 

Let's exchange our books - let's be book smart!







The start to our 'Reading and Writing Wow Week'.