St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


First aid:

We learnt where our first aid kit in the classroom is, how to call 999, how to put someone in the recovery position, what is in a first aid kit and what we would do if an adult needed help. 

RE special places:

We discussed our special places and started to look at the different places but places can be different but be special for the same reason. We then started to look and compare church’s to mosques. 

We have had lots of fun building a London home from 1666 before The Great Fire of London. 

Creating a church:

We made our classroom look like a church today. The whole class lived out the school values particularly teamwork, respect and love. The children shared ideas and thoughts and then worked together to make their vision come true. We then decided we needed clergy and so we selected a pupil to act this role and they read Jonah and the whale from the Bible. 

Discussing our special places:

Mrs. Stals and I have been amazed by the children’s homework of a special place in a shoe box. All children had time to share with a peer 1:1 and then share with the whole class as well. 

Dress up:

We discussed different jobs in the past and jobs now and compared them. Then the children dressed up and acted out different job roles. 

Art - Mondrain

The children explored the use of primary colours and lines to create a piece of art work. 

Re - special places:

We talked about our favourite place in school, the world and then started to talk about how places can be a spiritual place and how those places make you feel. Mrs Gresswell spoke about Mother Shipton’s cave and how it made me feel. The children then said church, sealife centre “like I’m underwater with all the sea creatures”, “aquarium you can see types of fish but there is more to see” and “the beach sometimes we get to go but sometimes we don’t”. 

Christingle service in Church:

Parks enjoyed the Christingle service in school and sitting on the pews. 

Eco garden exploration:

The class explored the Eco garden and found a few animals there are all part of the insect family. 

Geography: maps

We created a map and a map key as a group and used different items from around our classroom. The children then created their own map and key. 

Our DT project:

We have worked extremely hard this half term on our moving picture. 


Children have been working hard learning how to turn on a computer, log on and use the mouse correctly. 

Bonfire night:

We have looked at Guy Fawkes and discussed why we celebrate bonfire night and then made firework pictures using forks as a method to get the spikeness of the fireworks. 

Baby Jesus:

As a class we looked at the idea of Jesus being a baby and growing up and so we looked at our own baby photos and compared to now. The children really enjoyed drawing themselves as a baby and sharing their photos with the class. 


The children spent some time exploring musical instruments. The children really enjoyed this and enjoyed keeping a pace. 

Why do Christians act out Nativity plays:

As a class we started to look at the Nativity story and who the characters are. We used the knitted figures to act out the story and discuss the importance of the characters. 

Working with Rashford class:

We have had a lovely afternoon working with Rashford class talking about our topic for Autumn 2. 

RE workshops with Mrs Gresswell:

Mrs Gresswell has worked in each class to unpick the Lord’s prayer, the big frieze and discuss our Collective Worship what we like what and how we can make it even better. 

Inspire RE workshop creation story:

Reception year 1 have had a great workshop held by inspire about creation. 

Art and crafts:

Children enjoyed using their own imagination to create something special. 

PHSE- being healthy:

We have tried lots of different fruit and discussed why fruit is important and why we need a balanced diet. Please continue to have those discussions at home around food; where does food come from such pork comes from pigs or apples come from trees. 

Computing skills:

We have had lots of fun logging on and creating a picture on paint. 


The children created freeze frames of how they relax. We had a lot of watching Tv, laying down, reading a book and swimming. 


We had a lovely visit from two visitors who we welcomed into our school family and we learnt lots about what babies need to survive. 

Lord's prayer walk to Church:

Parks class really enjoyed our Lord's prayer walk to church and then exploring church. The children's favourite find was the church bells. 

Art - Self portraits

The class have had a lot of fun exploring their faces in a mirror and drawing a self portrait. Week on week the children will develop and focus on one feature of the face and then put all of their hard work together to create a finished self portrait for the children to compare to their very first one. 

The Big Frieze:

As a class we have started to look at the Big Frieze!

PSHE - Being healthy baseline 7.9.22

As a class we shared what we thought the human body needed to stay healthy. My favourite quote from todays session was "Sleep gives you a different type of exercise." Well done Parks!