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Craft Club

Amazing Unicorn Cushion!!

Wow what an amazing cushion, I can't believe you have made this by yourself its fantastic. This picture has really made me smile,  I can't wait to see what else you have made. 


The new craft club motto is going to be 'Keep Calm and Carry on Crafting'.


Mrs Fryer


Another amazing child led session! This week we made stress balls using balloons, flour, rice and then we decorated them using Marker Pens and adding pom poms. This activity was a lot of fun and everyone really enjoyed it, so well done to the craft club member who planned and led the session, you did an amazing job!

Amazing Power Point Presentations by Craft Club Members

Imogen brought in these amazing paintings to show her friends in Craft Club. If anyone has any artwork or crafts that they have made at home, please bring them in to show everyone!!


Beautiful Artwork by Imogen

Decorating Picture Frames - recycling magazines


For the rest of the academic year, Craft Club sessions will be child led so each member gets the opportunity to 'teach' the group a craft of their choice.


This weeks session involved decorating a frame using magazines that were rolled into thin tubes that could then be used to stick on the frames using PVA glue. It was a great activity and all the group really enjoyed it. Well done to the Craft Club member who led the session you really did an amazing  job!!!

Making Feathers


We had a very special visitor today in Craft Club, Mrs Stanley Wain-Wright, who joined us to make feathers using skewers, silver foil and card.

PJ Holders


Using an old adult t-shirt and a trusty coat hanger, craft club made amazing PJ Holders (or Laundry holders). They really enjoyed this activity and hopefully it has encouraged children to keep their PJs tidy!



Dream Catchers


Craft Club had the very tricky task of making dream catchers using wool and wooden skewers.  To decorate the bottom of the catchers children made tassels using wool, some of which were huge!


It wasn't an easy task as it really tested the children's fine motor skills and patience, but they all persevered and the results were fantastic!