St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Photos of work WC 18th Jan

Super Work Amelia. Well Done.

Great Work Oliver. Well Done.

Good Work in your CGP Book Jack.

Great Work Dalacey.

Busy day for Livvi with a very long walk and a yummy hot chocolate

Great Work Edie. Well Done

Good Work Oliver

Good Work Lochlan

Good Work Aimee

Dalacey has been making fruit kebabs. They look very yummy.

Millie's artwork. Have we seen this picture before ??????? (Ha, Ha)

Millie and her brother are investigating the changes to 'Gummy Bears' when placed in different solutions.

Joshua the pizza maker. It looks amazing and spicy HOT!

Great Work Livvi.

Good Work Jack. You look like your having fun in the rain on your scooter.

Great Work Emily. Well Done.

Lochlan's oil pastel drawing based on the original on the right. WOW!!

Great Work Aimee - love your chocolate orange brownies

Great Work Oliver

Brilliant Work Edie. Well Done.

Excellent Work Kayden. Well done.

Super Work Livvi. Well Done

Great Work Amelia. Well Done

Lochlan the Scientist.

Great Work Lucas

Good Work Canaan

Great Work Oliver. Well Done.

Super Work Millie. Well Done.

Excellent Work Lily. Well Done.

Great work Jack. Keep it up.

Lochlan has been a very busy bee for his cubs challenge and has completed a beautiful piece of artwork followed with making some delicious cupcakes

Super Litearcy work Dalacey

Good Work Joshua

Amazing Work Molly - I love your next piece of art work

Super Work Livvi. Well Done.

WOW! Dalacey these Black Forest Cupcakes look amazing.

Super Numeracy work Oliver.

Aimee's prayer for Collective Worship

Still image for this video

Aimee's Plastic waste letter

Great work Olivia - I love your robin and butterfly