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Family Fun Challenges

Interesting Challenges for family fun

From time to time, it’s a great idea to set challenges. These are fun activities that will help you to develop creativity and problem solving skills. More importantly, they will build your confidence as you succeed.


The other hand

Try to do everything with your non-dominant hand. If you’re right-handed, you have to complete tasks with your left hand instead, or vice versa. This won’t work if you are ambidextrous though! Challenge yourself to write your name or brush your teeth.


Pick it up with your feet

Try basic tasks such as picking things up and opening a door, but also drawing and painting. Challenge yourself to write your name


Build a house of cards

Easy in principle but not so much in practice! The goal here is to build a structure out of playing cards; a house and a roof. Balancing cards on one another is not easy and it becomes more difficult as you build up the cards and they get higher. Plus, changing the shape when you get to the roof will make the structure even more wobbly.


Catch coins from your elbow

Rest the back of your hand on the same shoulder, so your elbow should be pointed out and the underside of the arm facing up. Then place a coin on your arm, just above the elbow. The idea is to quickly draw your elbow into your side so that the coin flies into the air, and at the same time, flip the arm over so that you can catch the coin. It’s tough to catch just one coin but you can up the ante by catching a stack of coins.


Can you wiggle your face?

Best played in a group, who can wiggle different parts of your face without moving the whole thing. You can try wiggling your ears, nose, eyebrows or go cross-eyed. This will get lots of laughs as you see that some people can do it and some can’t at all. It’s also interesting to see the direction in which you wiggle your features, can your nose go up and down as well as side to side?


Different accents

The rules are simple: do your best accent! Deciding the accents is half the fun; could write down countries and challenge one another. You could pick the countries from a hat or even choose on a globe. If you don’t know how your chosen accent should sound, you should make it up. Alternatively, you could google different accents and try to imitate those. This can be fun if you want to tackle regional accents in the UK.


Not my arms

You’ll need an even number of players for this game as everyone will need to pair up. One person sits behind another and threads your arms through the first person’s arms. The first person should put your hands behind your backs to make your arms into a loop. Then the first player tells the second one what they are doing. Players could brush your hair or teeth. The idea is that the tasks involve both players.


Guess who

One person has to imitate a person and the other players have to guess who it is. They can act out celebrities, characters or people you all know such as teachers or friends. The catch is that they can’t say anything that will give it away. This includes any popular catchphrases or descriptions of the person’s appearance. They need to use gestures and your voice to try and portray the person as best as they can.