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Black Lives Matter

Kingfisher pupils have been learning about slavery

A biography of Sir Lenny Henry.

Stanley's Biography Challenge

Stanley Squirrel is challenging you to write a biography. 

Choose from the list of the people in the document below or choose another person of colour that has inspired you.  Research your person and write an amazing biography.  Don't forget to send a copy or photo of your biography to so that it can be posted on this page.


There are lots of interesting facts and information about Famous Black Politicians, Activists, Sports Men and Women and TV, Film and Media Personalities in the Famous Black People - Black Lives Matter powerpoint.


What are they famous for? Can you do some research on 3 people included in the powerpoint and find out more information?

Famous Black People - Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

As you all know, I love art and wandering around Art Galleries admiring the work of talented men and women.  From just looking at a work of art, it is not often possible to tell whether it has been created by a person who is black, Asian, from a minority ethnic group or white.  However, history in the Western world favours the white male.  Consequently, the majority of works of art in our largest galleries are by white males.  That doesn't mean that art has not, nor is not, created by people, men &  women, of all races and colours; we just don't get to see them as often as we should.


Below find links to some of my favourite artists:

Willard Wigan

views things in miniature.  You won't believe how microscopically small his sculptures are.

Stephen Wiltshire

has an amazing, some might say photographic , memory. 

He can fly over a city in a helicopter and then draw the city landscape in minute detail.

Frida Kahlo

uses bright bold colours to paint self-portraits and  works inspired by the nature of Mexico.

Vashti Harrison

a multi-talented author, illustrator and filmmaker.  Follow her 'How to draw ' videos.

Read all about the journey of a New Generation on the Windrush Empire! The passengers travelled from the Caribbean to the UK in search of a promised new life. Sadly they didn't get the warm welcome from British people that they were expecting and should have received .

Watch this video of the book, 'Parker Looks Up' and see how inspiring a visit to an art gallery can be.
Another lovely story - 'I Am Enough' by Grace Byers and illustrated by  Keturah A. Bobo.  A story about loving who you are, respecting others and being kind to one another.