St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Being Me!

Nathan was awarded two golden cards at Lees Brook Academy. The first one was for completing his task and the second one was for contributing in a lesson.

Swimmer of the week! Well done Lilly.

Well done Isabel for winning this trophy for always having a great attitude.

The girls won these medals for not giving up even though times were tough! Our football legends :)

Residential 2023

Our Dancing Queen!

Our football stars

Eve did some amazing art over the Easter holidays.

Harrison had a fabulous holiday in Scotland. He even got the chance to walk up Ben Nevis. We are very proud of you!

Rosie went to her cousins party in Kirk Hallam, she held different reptiles and a skunk.

Isabel and Millie went to see a women's football match (Derby County VS Nottingham Forest) on Sunday 26th March. Isabel got her ticket and hand signed and Millie got her Derby scarf signed.

Congratulations Isabel for winning player of the match.

Megan drew a cow using felt tips. Well done Megs!

Betsy did a dance exam and got these medals. The two silvers were for musical theatre and contemporary, the bronze was for ballet. Excellent results, well done!

Brooke painted Mount Everest with the paints she got at Christmas. She spent 2 hours creating this magical piece of artwork.

Anya took part in a dance competition. She did 5 dances and was placed in 3 of them. She achieved 1st place in vocal and two 2nd places in ballet and acting. Well done Anya!

We have an artist in the class!

Congratulations Isabel, what an achievement!

Amazing karate trophy!

Jesse and his dad drew an Audi S3, fantastic!

Casey's medal from competing in the 2022 BIKC regional finals at Leeds. He came 7th out of 9th.

A precious crystal from 'Wirksworth Wizarding Day' - thank you for sharing this with us Daisy!

Wow! Jacob has made his own bird box for his grandparents. What a lovely thing to do!

Precious sea glass and Amethyst Point

Art work by Lily

We have an artist in Rashford Class!

Fantastic art work Megan!

Another great piece of art work by Megan.

The Platinum Jubilee medal. Wow!

A portrait of Miss Price, super art work Megan - completed at home.

Congratulations to Nathan for completing the Reading Challenge!

Nathan at the top of Snowdon!