St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Being Me

Great work:

Great baking. 

Learning about Eid:

Morrisons sent across a selection of food to share with our children to share an understanding of the Islamic festival of Eid to mark the end of Ramadan. 

Lawn mowers:

Two home made lawn mowers!

Big questions:

Children have enjoyed exploring one of the Bibles we have in our classroom on a lunchtime with Nicky. Nicky has shared many Bible stories with them and discussed their big questions that have surrounded the Biblical story. 

We are very proud of our children after an amazing first aid training session and all of our children are now first aid trained. 

Parks' added to the wormery  more soil and then we added several worms to it . Then we added a layer of leaves to try and trap the heat in to keep the worms warmer. 

Love of reading:

Learning more about The Great Fire of London. 

Swimming achievement:

Well done on your swimming achievement. 

Our class snack bowl:

Our school takes part in Fair Share with Tesco and so we have an array of different foods for the children to try and share. 

Special visitor:

Ideas and activities to do over Christmas:

Our Nativity

All of our children have worked extremely hard on our production. 

Swimming achievements:

Great swimming achievements. Well done!

British value of democracy:

We voted on our literacy writing as after our nonfiction guided read Grow it back. The children amazed us with their knowledge of specific animals. So we voted on whether to write a story based on Buttercup farm or non fiction fact file about an animal. The majority voted for fact files so we wrote animals fact files. 

Gymnastics certificate:

Well done great work. 

Swimming achievements:

Great achievements!

Kick boxing achievements:

Well done on your achievements with kick boxing. 

Tennis achievements:

Well done on your tennis achievements. Keep up the hard work!

Swimming achievement:

Well done on your swimming achievement. Keep up the hard work!

Special visitor:

We had a lovely visit from a special visitor which enabled us to welcome a new baby into our school family. 

Being me:

We have explored being me, what makes us special and why? 

Swimming achievements:

Well done on your swimming achievements you have worked really hard. 

Releasing a spider:

Children and staff lived out our school values today when the children found a huge spider. Staff worked as a team to catch the spider as some staff were a little nervous around the spider. The children all respected the spider and decided rather than keeping the large spider as a class pet it was better to release the spider outside.