St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Art and DT

Aimee has drawn some lovely portraits of the staff.

Lochlan has grown his own potatoes for the very first time. Well done!

Lily has made a Starbucks Cafe in her kitchen, she is selling lots of goodies, there's also a drive thru!

Aimee has made two lovely cards for a birthday and anniversary

Lily's beautiful Caribbean beach painting has us all dreaming of holidays

Aimee and her mum drew the Tower Bridge in London - what a fantastic piece of family art!

Aimee has been creating art by dipping wool into paint, shaping it on wet paper.

Aimee has been making chocolate brownies all by herself, well done to you as they are not the easiest to make!

Aimee's stone fossils

Double chocolate chip cookies, they look yummy Aimee!

Lochlan has made a beaker pot from clay, it looks like he is growing from the pot.

Aimee has had a very busy weekend baking a chocolate cake for her Grandad, she has made homemade candies from sugar, water and fruit juice (you boil this mixture to 150 degrees and then put into a mould) and she has drawn her favourite telescope and a picture of her dad.

Molly has made a set of panpipes and made a scarecrow for the Oakwood Scarecrow Trail

Who would like a pair of Edie's football boots? I love the design!

Favourite food - by Aimee

Aimee has been busy making pancakes and chocolate brownies over the weekend.

Aimee has made homemade slime from pva, baking powder, water, food colouring and salt.

Lochlan did some wool weaving and made a mini wall hanging and he's also made a space themed canvas painting. Fantastic work!

Aimee has been baking some oatcakes - they look very tasty!

Aimee's favourite character from a TV show.

Aimee has made a beautiful card for her dad!

Jemima baked a banana cake, delicious!

Aimee has been baking bread - it looks delicious!

Aimee has completed the font challenge and has written her name using different fonts

Aimee has designed her own kite from the Art and DT challenges

Aimee has completed 3 of the art challenges - alien, hero mask and Aimee as a superhero. She has also baked some white chocolate tarts.

Sophie has designed a superhero mask from the 'LET'S CREATE' page on this weeks planning. Here is Ratty Rat - I wonder if he has any special powers?

Edie's amazing art work.

Molly has hand sewn a beautiful unicorn cushion.

Aimee has made an origami boat and tested it's floating ability - it floated!

Aimee has baked chocolate twirls, they look yummy!

Aimee has made a musical wind chime.

Livvi has been working on a fairy tree house using a glue gun, various materials they collected on their walks and paint.

Aimee has been very busy over half term making lots of crafts, baking, entering competitions, sewing and playing games.

Some fantastic pieces of art work by Amelia.

Aimee has been busy making her own homemade slime and doing some water colour painting.

Lily and family had a curry night and she helped to make homemade naan breads!

Aimee has baked from scratch banana bread, pancakes and donuts. Delicious!

Two Millies for the price of one. Thanks to Maddie and Greg's YouTube science of magic!

Expert colouring from Olivia D

Fantastic piece of art created by Aimee, can anyone guess who it is?

Joshua's fantastic salt dough tribute to our NHS heroes!

Dalacey has been baking some delicious cakes and scones

Molly in a Zoom meeting with Brownie's, they made origami butterflies!

Sophie A's superb stop/start animated video of Stanley Squirrel and his bestie, Doggie.

Still image for this video

Keep cooking Eve.

Millie has passed her Cub Scout Chef Activity Badge. I hope you saved a Chelsea bun for me Millie, they look delicious.

Aimee has started painting a canvas using watercolour crayons.

Aimee has been making crisps, they look delicious!

Millie's art with nature picture.

Wow! What a beautiful Peacock collage Eve!

Aimee's amazing chocolate tarts - they look very tasty.

Beautiful watercolour painting of the Spring blossom by Imogen

Edie has been baking some emoji cakes, yum!

Molly is getting arty!

Millie's art and design

Edie's Draw with Rob Super Sonic picture

Elliot's super Disney/Pixar art work

I can't wait to visit Rainforest Cafe for a tasty treat!

Super tie dying, looks great fun!

Elliot's Graffiti Art!

Dalacey has been baking, these look delicious!