St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

After School Club

Welcome to our After School Club.

Have a look at the fun we have!

Welcome back!

It’s been really nice to see the children again after the October half term. We have so many exciting activities coming up in After School Club so please have a look at what is planned in the little icon above and also all the fantastic photos being taken. 

Thank you,

Miss Barnes

November photos. 

Christmas Party!!

Craft Club and After School Club joined together to make snowflakes.

Making stars for the church windows.

Another messy activity... Blow painting with straws.

Very messy! But the children really enjoyed using shaving foam and mixing paint to make a marble effect.

To start Art Week we have explored water resistant painting with water colours and wax crayons. The children really enjoyed seeing their patterns come to life.

Yummy fruit salads.

To end cooking week the children have made some fruit salads.

Pitta pizzas, look very yummy!!

The children really enjoyed making the rice crispy cakes tonight.

Chocolate cornflake cakes.

After School Club enjoying games of chess.

Beautiful poppy bookmarks.

Poppy wreath.

Christmas card competition entries.

We have coloured Rangoli mandalas for Diwali.

To celebrate Diwali we have tried lots of different foods. The children enjoyed tasting them.

Odd socks for Anti Bullying.

These two worked so well together to make paper rockets!

More marble painting.

Still image for this video

Marble Painting.

Still image for this video

Marble Painting.

Still image for this video

Great cooking evening! The children made sparklers from breadsticks, chocolate strawberries and decorated cupcakes.

After School Club under the beautiful rainbow we spotted.

Wow! The children really enjoyed paint splatting and making fireworks. What great results.

The children have really enjoyed making loom bands this evening.

October activities 

Enjoying cheese and breadsticks :)

Lovely way to end the term by playing outside. The children enjoyed using the chalk, making their own games up and playing with their friends. 

The children created their own obstacle course this evening. Great teamwork.

The children decided they wanted another games afternoon instead of Lego. They played really well together, teaching new games to one another and worked well as teams to play. Fun Fridays are the best :) 

After school club enjoyed making their own crackers.

This afternoon the children had an activity of choosing their friend or a member of staff within school. They had to draw them and then also think of positive words to describe the person. 
The children definitely thought about the school values, how the person makes them feel, and also how they feel when they are around them.
It was lovely to sit and read the kind and thoughtful words the children chose to use about their friends.

Fun Friday! The children have enjoyed a games afternoon.

Fantastic art work using oil pastels.

Our rocks the children painted.

This afternoon a child kindly brought in some special pens to paint rocks with. The children really enjoyed exploring these pens and took their time to create some great designs. 

After school club have made some leaf hedgehogs which they really enjoyed making and painting!

Another great display of the children’s art work.

We have enjoyed talking about autumn, what happens and colours we may see. The children really enjoyed finger painting the leaves on the trees. Some great art work!

The children have drawn around their own hands and then filled in what they are good at, what they like to do in and outside of school and also things they need to improve in. Some lovely ideas. 

The children have enjoyed exploring salt and paint. Great results!

The children are always happy playing with Lego and they work well as a team to build some great creations!

The children have enjoyed decorating pine cones.

Our great display board.

We have enjoyed a games afternoon. Great teamwork and turn taking!