St Andrew's Church of England Primary School An intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15


Parachute games:

Parachute games:  1
Parachute games:  2
Parachute games:  3

We had great fun with the parachute! The children worked really hard to work together to keep the ball on the parachute. The children had to PROBLEM SOLVE to keep the ball from the floor. This allowed for some fantastic communication and language skills:

"You need to move over their because there is a gap"

" The ball will falloff we need to move round"

"The parachute is to low we need it up"

"We did it"




Our Christmas production:




All the children worked really hard practising their lines and knowing where they needed to be on stage. The afternoon performance was amazing and the evening performance was even better with children overcoming their fear of being on stage with an audience. 


Well done Robins!!!

Numbers, Numbers and more Numbers:

Numbers, Numbers and more Numbers: 1
Numbers, Numbers and more Numbers: 2
Numbers, Numbers and more Numbers: 3
Numbers, Numbers and more Numbers: 4
Numbers, Numbers and more Numbers: 5
We created a number line and used it to count forwards, backwards, 1 more and 1 less. We also played a matching game using our amazing number square. 

Numerals and what they represent:

Numerals and what they represent: 1
Numerals and what they represent: 2
Numerals and what they represent: 3
Numerals and what they represent: 4
Numerals and what they represent: 5

Fantastic PROBLEM SOLVING from Robin class. The children were given the numbers 1-20 and asked to work together to create a number line. The children made a great start and slowed down until all of the numbers were on the washing line. The children then started to talk to each other and move some of the numbers that weren't in the correct order. Well done Robins!!

Numicon counting:

Children have been using Numicon to count and to represent the amount each coin represents. 

Anti - bullying week:

Anti - bullying week: 1
We used an apple to discuss anti- bullying week. 

2d Shapes:

Children have been learning about the basic 2d shapes. We have done lots of work on the difference between a square and a rectangle. Children have had carpet shapes to sit on and help them with their shapes. The children also decided to make a space rocket and fly us to the moon. On the moon we saw lots of aliens and much much more. 

Beanstalk counting:

Beanstalk counting: 1
Children are really enjoying Jack and the Beanstalk and wanted to create their own. We went outside to draw them as big as we could. We then added numbers to our leaves to make a number line. We have a Beanstalk as long as 34 leaves. 


Rememberance: 1
The children have learnt about remeberance, the red and purple poppies and the meanings behind them. 


Measuring: 1
We have been measuring with cubes today. Yesterday we measured items with pencils. We had a great discussion about why it isn't fair to measure with pencils because they are different sizes. 

Jack and the Beanstalk:

Jack and the Beanstalk: 1
Jack and the Beanstalk: 2

Making a road:

Making a road:  1
Making a road:  2
Making a road:  3
The children decided that they were going to build a road with lolly pop sticks. The children talked about road signs and road layout such as roundabouts and corners. 


Explorers: 1
Explorers: 2
Explorers: 3
Explorers: 4
Explorers: 5
Explorers: 6
Explorers: 7
Explorers: 8
Explorers: 9
Explorers: 10
Explorers: 11
Explorers: 12

Mini beasts:

Mini beasts: 1
Mini beasts: 2
Mini beasts: 3
The children have been learning about mini beasts. We played a loop game which gave children clues as to which mini beasts came next. 
We all brought in our special  teddy bears from home so we could write labels for them. 

Red Day:

Red Day: 1
Robin class dressed in red to show racism the red card! 


Numbers:  1
Numbers:  2
Numbers:  3
Numbers:  4
Numbers:  5
Numbers:  6
Numbers:  7
Numbers:  8

Stand up Derbyshire:

Stand up Derbyshire: 1
Stand up Derbyshire: 2
Stand up Derbyshire: 3
Stand up Derbyshire: 4
Stand up Derbyshire: 5
Reception had a fantastic afternoon taking part with the rest of the school in Stand Up Derbyshire. Yr 5 and 6 lead the 11 different activities throughout the afternoon and supported younger in these activities. 


Harvest:  1
Harvest:  2
Reception children participated in our harvest celebrations by joining in with our service and actively taking part within it.  

Home learning: 


Home learning will be given on a Monday and due the following Monday, for example, given on the 10.9.18 and due on the 17.9.18. 


Home learning will be in their black home learning book that should be kept in your child's book bag and placed in the wooden basket on a Monday morning ready to be marked and new home learning to be given. 


Active Learn: 

Your child's login details are stuck in the back of the black home learning book. We use active learn during the school day so we ask that your child practises at home how to log themselves into Active Learn.  When using Active Learn you need to allow pop ups as the e-books open in new window. Each e-book has a small picture of a bug and these are the children to click on and a question will be provided about the book for your child to answer. Please ensure your child answers the bugs.  




Your child will bring a reading book home each night these will be changed regularly in school. We advise parents to read at least 4 times a week with your child. Please ensure you record when your child has read and to who in their reading record. We also advise a mix between e-books and physical books.  


The purple stage / picture books: These books are to encourage your children to look at the illustrations and infer what is happening in the story and what might happen next. Therefore, these books will not be changed each day to allow your child to build up their confidence. 



If your child reads four times or more in a week they will be given a raffle ticket which will be stuck in there reading record and a chance to win a prize in the Friday Collective Worship. 


WOW moments: 

If your child has a WOW moment please record it and inform Robin class staff of the WOW moment and any photos you may have of it. These moments can be record in their reading records or just simply passed on.  WOW moments can be things like riding a bike, baking a cake or achieving something they had found difficult. 

Reception class of 2018/2019:


Our first week we have had a lovely start to the term.