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Cake and Company

Cake and Company  1 Children get the opportunity to serve the elderly.
Cake and Company  2 Lots of wonderful conversation.
Cake and Company  3 Children talking about our school.
Cake and Company  4 Improving our speaking & listening skills.
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Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Woodside Festival - Shipley Park - Saturday 16 June

On Tuesday, Golden Eagle Class went to Cake & Company, it was lovely to spend time with people and everybody was very nice.

Lola-Belle Age 10


I really enjoyed Cake & Company; it was great. I met a man who had lived in Stanley for 64 years!

Jacob age 10


I met lots of interesting people.

Lily age 10

I went to Cake & Company. Everybody was very kind and it was fun talking to them.

Grace age 10


On Tuesday, Golden Eagle Class went to the Village Hall to spend time with the people of Cake & Company. It was lovely.

Leah age 10


I loved Cake & Company; a lady told me that her grandson had spent 15 years in the Navy- 7 years in the Submarines.

Archie age 9

Cake and company 2017

Cake and company 2017  1
Cake and company 2017  2
Cake and company 2017  3
Cake and company 2017  4
Our children have just donated £120 to the Children Society.